Saturday, April 25, 2009

In Which I Parrot CDC Advice About Containing The Swine Flu

Please wash your hands with water and with soap,
And if you're sick already, please stay home.
If symptoms get too bad, don't be a dope:
Do get thee to a doctor. Please don't roam
About and spread this swine flu crap around.
Your mom's advice when you were young applies!
If you must cough, then cover up your mouth.
And really, wash your hands. These are not lies!
Our latest tourist from the sunny south
(That's Mexico, not Dixieland - not yet)
Need only be pandemic if we're fools.
While economic fears and such abet
Our going forth to work and to the schools,
Just ask yourself, if really it is worth
A few bucks to risk everyone on earth?


  1. RAWK!!
    This should be made into a public notice :)))

  2. It would require some pretty small print to fit on a poster, though ^_^


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