Monday, April 6, 2009

Why I Don't Want To Win A Special Edition Helvetica Moleskine Notebook

I have no love for that sans-serif type,
Helvetica, nor for the foreign-made
Moleskine notebooks. I do resist the hype
Around them (oh no! I have been betrayed
By that small stack of them upon my desk,
My NaNoWriMo project for '08;
Ignore that, please). But I'll join the burlesque.
In these hard times I tend to place more weight
On where a thing is made. Take those FIELD NOTES!
They're tiny, practical, FUTURA BOLD
And made in this here country where I votes!
But Moleskines are pretentious, boasting old
And arty, famous use, a pedigree,
A lineage that's better off, sans me.

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