Sunday, April 12, 2009

Because I'd Probably Still Be In The Lifeboat, Crying For My Mommy And Daddy

I'm glad that Captain Phillips is now free,
I wonder what I'd do in his deck shoes?
I've never faced coercion, and don't see
Where I will any time soon. Would I choose
Cooperation or to fight should some
Strange pirate-types show up to raid my ship?
A hazard known they are, unless you're dumb,
But still to really be attacked - I'd flip,
I think, but I can't know I how I'd react
For sure. I live a modern, cushy life.
I'm just the sissy target to attract
Such predators - but Wyo is not rife
With sea-borne crooks - less, sure, than you'd expect!
So Captain Phillips has my real respect.

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