Friday, April 17, 2009

In Which An Idle Ass Keeps Getting Kicked At Work Or Play

My dad is here to visit, and that means,
A restless, wild work ethic with two feet
Does stalk my halls and rooms in ratty jeans,
A tool in hand and goals he seeks to meet.
We've leveled up my old washing machine,
We've tried and failed to clean the furnace vent,
We've shoveled so much snow it seems obscene
(Especially for April!). Now I'm bent
And sore while he keeps asking, well what more
Should we be doing with this idle time?
Hooray for Mom, who said pinochle or
Some dominoes, would that not be sublime?
We played a while, and they both kicked my ass,
Thank goodness it's now cocktail hour at last!

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