Thursday, April 23, 2009

Making Friends On The Blood Bus

I feel so light; in fact I'm a pint shy,
And learned today's that Kev's a sonnet pimp.
While in the canteen talking to some guy
Who'd joked along and raced me to the crimp
('Twas blood drive day down at the BLM
And I, again, was called in to make up
A short projection). As the two of them
Sat with me while I sipped about a cup
Of juice, my worst friend gleefully did spill
The beans about this blog to Marty, who
Thought that it sounded cool, and said he will
Try looking at these sonnets. If you do,
Then, Marty, you're a cool guy and I'm glad
I bled beside you, and spoke up, I'll add.

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