Monday, April 27, 2009

BONUS SONNET: Night Of The Collie

A normal night was how this ev'ning seemed;
I even had a good ride on my bike.
But then in Molly's eye a blood drop gleamed.
Her patient gaze tore through me like a spike.
Good old Cheyenne, on Sunday night no vets
Are taking calls; to Fort Collins they say
Must after hours folk with injured pets
Repair or wait til 9 a.m. next day.
She start swatting at her injury
And seemed to tear it open that much more.
So off we went, two pals, my dog and me
On south to find the truth behind the gore.
It's minor, I am glad now to report.
But getting home was its own winter sport.


  1. I feel like a friggin' celebrity!!! That's simply awesome Kate!

  2. Thanks again for coming along so I wasn't feeling like Miss Daisy in the back seat!

  3. Kevin told me about your adventure. The vet at the Yelllowstone Animal Hospital takes call 24 hours a day. Oli was there in the middle of the night several times, on IV's even. Just thought I'd pass that along. Hope she's feeling better!!!

  4. Thanks for that info, Stacey. I'm hoping we never have to do something like that again but it's good to know it might not involve 60 miles of blizzard driving. Ah, Oli, poor dear Oli. What a sweetie he was!


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