Saturday, August 14, 2010


Mundane and quiet, Saturday has passed.
Some friends are re-arranging, others purge,
Well knowing that there's little that will last
And will survive that never-ending urge
To get new stuff, replace what has grown stale,
And keep up. Summer's fading, and the change
Will do us good. Just one more quick yard sale
And then we're fine, right? Doesn't it seem strange
This churning? But it's what we've always done.
We shed our burdens gladly, breathe in free
And fresh new air, but then, because it's fun
And sexy, start accumulating. Whee!
But one day all of this will have to stop;
Another must dispose of what we drop.


  1. I have a nightmare relationship with stuff. The less of it I have, the happier I am.

  2. I'm trying to switch to an "accumulate experiences instead of stuff" mode but man, there is a lot of stuff to deal with.

  3. Thank you, Paul! I'm always least secure when I'm more or less being "lyrical."


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