Thursday, August 5, 2010

Migraine Day

Today it's solely by an act of will
These lines appear. Had I not so resolved
To write a sonnet daily, e'n it kill
Me, there'd be nothing here. So much involved
In fighting just to sit and look, I peer
Through veinous eyes at this far too-bright screen.
And that is just because I had a queer
And mightly upsetting, ugly dream
In which today became the one I failed.
The tinnitus still sounds, and I must pause
Between waves of harsh light, from which I've quailed,
And those of nausea, all of this caused,
No doubt, by my own faults. I estimate
Beyond what I can handle, seems, of late.


  1. Impressive that you could focus enough to type this. I'm sure the Way of Sonnetry could have survived a sick day though, you deserve it!

  2. It took a good 90 minutes or so, where I'm generally down to about ten. Really, if I weren't so stubborn about it "not being today" there would not be migraine sonnets at all.

    Thanks for helping me keep my chin up, as always


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