Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In Which I Get My Lamp!

You're in a cave, it's dark, what will you do?
GET LAMP, that's what! This film both made me smile
And stirred old wistfulness; the timeline through
Which we are taken largely took place while
Computers were unheard of where I dwelt
(Excepting those typesetting beasts employed
By newspapers). You'd best believe I felt
Deprived as I read how others enjoyed
Computer gaming in those early days,
How stories weren't just read but lived by those
Who solved their puzzles in ingenious ways,
How smart people were having fun! "But," crows
My fav'rite pusher "It is not too late!
(I paraphrase)" And thus he's sealed my fate.


  1. A clever exercise, this sonnet blog.
    Such parser game nostalgia warms my heart.
    You might be int'rested in Graham Nelson's
    Command line Shakespeare remix, The Tempest.

  2. get poem
    read poem
    scroll page
    read comment
    write "The Tempest - command line Shakespeare (!)" on taskpad
    thank dennis
    thank kate
    go east
    get lamp

  3. Doth it seem a worthy project for a post-Silurian afterglow experience?

  4. P.S. Give "best comment ever" trophy to Paul
    go stairs


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