Friday, August 27, 2010

In Which The Line For Fan Expo Is Long And Entertaining

FanExpo is a show e'en ere it starts.
The line to enter ends up Blue Jays Way,
And as I walk, I see what's in the hearts
Of many a fanboy and girl. Today
I passed a Picachu, a Brundlefly,
A ghostbuster, all standing in the sun
And sweating in their costumes. But, oh my,
The moment I loved best, that was most fun:
Paul has a press pass and he's got a stamp
But just convinced himself that it was gone --
We're sweaty -- and while yes, his hand was damp,
Like blue stigmata, it is higher on
His wrist. And even Batman panicked, fell,
But we all saved him, which is just as well.

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