Monday, August 16, 2010

In Which I Am Editing

This sonnet-writing's tightened up my prose,
Which was a goal I had back at the start.
I cherish this but now I've got my nose
Deep in a slash-and-burn, I find my heart
Just wants to break; I have to cut much more
Of what I thought already nice and lean.
I've got more notion, though, of what it's for,
These words and thoughts, but still I think it's mean
To hack and cut as I must do. I tell
Myself the final product then will shine
The brighter, but right now a kind of hell
Or something near it surely, is all mine.
And deadlines, self-imposed or even not
Just make this seat of mine a little hot!


  1. Is it cost effective to be so terse // when pay-by-the-word is getting much worse?

  2. Vicarious thrill for me on this -- kill those extraneous words but dead! XD

  3. You should be very thrilled indeed, Paul. I feel like a mass-murderer!

    Walter: fortunately it is not a pay-by-the-word situation. This time, anyway 8)


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