Friday, August 13, 2010

In Which I Am A Shamless Starla (@riznphnx) Fangirl

My Dreamer's Thread runs long and all throughout
This world of mine, and currently it weaves
Into a shameless tapestry; I'll shout
For Starla's awesome basket (who believes
These contests can be real, now, anyways?).
The story was great fun for listening,
And playing a small voice part in -- a craze
'Mongst all the cool podcasters, quite the thing.
If fairy tales were e'er your bag, you owe
Yourself a listen, though now you can get
A printed one, or ebook, dont you know?
And hold on to your socks, for you can bet
King Cyrus and his crew will charm them right
Off your two feet (but 'twill be a delight).

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