Friday, August 20, 2010

BONUS SONNET: In Which I Take A Duck To The Face At 250 Knots

"It could have been much worse," I chant again.
I could have lost another friend today
But he was luckier than some have been,
Was rescued from his fate. But still I sway
My heart beats its arrhythmia which took
Our Mac from us (it has been diagnosed;
I just can't have caffiene). I'm told I look
As though eight hours of sun burned me like toast.
It's true: a bullet dodged is scarier
Than one that hits. Adrenaline begone!
I did all that I could and did not err,
But still I shake a bit. I'm holding on,
But cannot help but damn these unjust fates
That brought me to this pass this, of all dates.

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