Saturday, August 14, 2010

SESTINA SATURDAY: Looking Foreward

I could be on the cusp of major change
Or just a false alarm again. One step
Could easily decide it all. I'm brave,
But there is much to lose if I let fly
My words and deeds and wishes. Much has gone
Untried already, though. I will know soon

If what I contemplate is true. How soon
Is relative. One thing that e'er does change
Is how long moments feel before they're gone.
Some times a lifetime floods our ev'ry step;
At others days and weeks just seem to fly
Fast past us. Just the powerful and brave

Can seize them each and hold them in a brave,
Unflinching grasp, examine them ere soon
Their spines emerge. We drop them, then. A fly
Might lap the blood they draw or, for a change
We might let go in time. Each one's a step
Towards an e'er receding end that's gone

Before we realize it. I have gone
A-chasing wisps before, put on a brave,
Disguising face to mask me when I step
Into the mire I thought was golden. Soon
I'll stride again, all in the hopes I'll change
Myself and others' fates. Too late to fly

Now from this challenge. Gleefully we fly
Into the face of disapproval, gone
To madness, some say, for to seek out change
Is folly. Fortune does not love the brave
As much as the wise planner. I'd as soon
Be foolish, though. One life is mine. I step

Into an unknown world each day; each step
Could lead to death or danger. Why not fly
To where I've never been; my end is soon
In grander terms, and when I'm dead and gone
The dangers that I never dared to brave
Will still be there. Decay will be my change.

Too soon all chances lost. I'll take the step
And risk. I'm bored, crave change, am bound to fly
To somewhere new. While gone, I will be brave.

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