Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Which Are Considered @Laroquod's Many Alter-Egos And The Utility Thereof

As I came out from customs, wondering
How I would recognize my Laroquod
(Chameleonic, he) was I to cling
Dependent on the pics on my iPod
(Where I had made a spotter's guide)? Oh, no.
A list of Paul-plegangers served me well:
There's Alan Moore, Walt Whitman, Karl Marx, lo
(Some say the Unabomber -- I can't spell
His name, so I won't try, and anyhow
They're wrong on that score)! I knew him on sight!
This morning, too, a street dude called him -- now,
Don't laugh too hard, Kate, though it's hard to fight
That urge -- Haille Selassie! Paul, be proud!
Your avatars are awesome. Say it loud.

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