Monday, August 9, 2010

In Which It Is ALIVE!

I haven't built since Nineteen Ninety-Four,
But as completion looms, I wonder why.
I really cannot think of much that's more
Rewarding than to build from base parts my
Computer! I feel silly, though; it's flash
With all those LEDs. The gaudy type
I really am not often. Do they clash,
The red and blue? The front doth bring a gripe:
I still want clear drive panel covers, so
If anyone can help me find some, please,
I'll be more grateful than you'll ever know!
The silver, well, will do at least, and ease
Is what I need right now for the next bit:
To set it up for Snow Leopard! Oh, shit!



    You so captured the essence of nearly 10 years of my life :)

  2. Takes one to know one, Christian! Am I gonna need sunglasses when work with this thing?

    Or do I, in fact, need MORE LED FANS?


  3. Yes, needs more LED fans. And maybe cowbell, but definitely more LED fans.

  4. That's awesome it looks like a flux capacitor collided with Bender. Congrats on successful boot!


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