Saturday, August 7, 2010

In Which Canada Shall Do Its MATMOS

Mars' methane has long puzzled those who care
To ponder the Red Planet (and of these
I do know many). How did it get there
And in such unexpected quantities?
Comes now, from Canada, upon the scene
A new spectrometer, which shall be sent
Mars-bound soon; the year Two-Thousand-Sixteen
Shall see the MATMOS sniffer there, bright, keen
And ready to precisely gauge where, when
And maybe how the gass appears. Perhaps
'Twill furnish proof of life at last. Till then,
We can but wonder, as that best of chaps,
Mac Tonnies, pointed out, we'll never know
Until at last we try and boldly go!


  1. Finally doing something besides building slick space arms for OTHER countries to use to go grab things with! XD

  2. Slick space arms, now a slick space nose... ONOES GIANT CANADIAN ROBOT OF DOOOOOOOOOOM!


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