Monday, July 5, 2010

SPOKEN SUNDAY: VILLANELLE: Recruitment And Its Perils

Sonneteer's Note: This is my first contribution to #SpokenSunday, for which I've chosen, perhaps insanely, to write villanelles. CLICK HERE FOR THE AUDIO VERSION.

"A hard, hard thing, the journey into space;
No matter how luxurious the ship.
There's hardships it is best just to embrace

Recycled air and food, and, for to chase
That down, there's water that has made the trip
Through all your shipmate's kidneys. You must face

These difficulties and much more. And brace
Your fragile self: in order to equip
Our voyage, ere we leave the rocket base,

We must examine you, verify race
And health." The poster read. Undaunted, Skip,
Adventurous and young, signed up to chase

His dreams among the stars, and by the grace
Of unknown gods, he won out, got his chip
(To pay for necessaries). How his face

Lit up; that is until he found in place
Of his small bed, a monster! In its grip
He writhed to no avail. Such was the case,
Of scrumptious Skip, of whom there's now no trace.

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