Friday, July 23, 2010

The Interstellar Feller: In Which Yectara Has Hopes

Sonneteer's note: this is the latest installment of an on-going sonnet serial, Pepito Mojito: The Interstellar Feller. New readers can get up to speed by clicking on the "Interstellar Feller" tag below to bring up all installments. Start at the bottom and read your way up to today's...

This lordly Pepi's really something new!
Yectara's toes curl up on his advance
Toward the bridge. Far from becoming blue,
She now sees that a whole new, hot romance
Is in the offing, if she can but keep
Pepito's wild libido focused on
Her steely charms. Her bag of tricks is deep
And she has made good use of ev'ry dawn
When he has wakened in the usual state
In which a manly man does, so she bides
Her time and wiles, preparing now to wait
And see what Pepi does. Meanwhile, besides
This resurrection, much has gone amiss
Upon the Grokulator. Must fix this!

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