Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In Which... I'm Not Sure In Which

The sky is grey and dark, the wind blows strong,
And I'm reminded once again that we
Have little time, although one's life seems long
When stuck within a cubicle. I see
An endless round of chores just to maintain
My place within this world and keep it whole,
Whene'er I look ahead. "Oh, what a pain,"
I say, when I'm not thinking. What's my role
Outside of this, though? What am I to do?
Keep writing lines like these? Is that enough?
It must be, for it brought me all of you,
And I don't take for granted all the stuff
You bring to me. Don't ever think so, please.
We're all here for each other's help and ease.


  1. Likewise! I feel the same, but I'm adapting to the cubicle life, and sharing with you and the rest of my online friends helps quite a lot.
    Thanks for th thought!

  2. Lovely Kate,
    Chris always spoke well of you, even just recently in a conversation about all the great writers like you we have on EscapeIntoLife.
    Thank you

  3. Thanks, Teia. This is a sad time for all of us. At least we have a treasure trove of good stuff to remember him by.


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