Monday, July 12, 2010

R.I.P. Harvey Pekar

There's nothing words and pictures cannot do,
Is what he taught us, long ago. Pekar,
Quotidian and wry, your work is through
And now it's left to us to keep your star
A-shining brightly, just as you have done
For my beloved Turkel; I can't wait
To get your adaptation of his fun
And moving opus, WORKING, though I'm late
In asking for it. What a perfect pair,
The two of you, both lost to this plane now.
The real world may seem dull, but those who care
To give an artist's eye to it see how
It truly is a splendor. Harvey, thanks
Among my saints, you'll e'er be in the ranks.


  1. Beautiful. RIP Harvey, you were one of the few standing up in an industry of belly-crawlers...

  2. Dang it guys, you've gone and made me weepy all over again. You put it splendidly in that one line, Paul. Makes the sonnet seem bloated. That takes some doing, don't it?

  3. Your sonnets are never bloated, my dear. 8)

  4. (((Paul))) you made me cry again! Can't believe we get no more Pekar.


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