Monday, July 5, 2010

In Which I Eagerly Anticipate A Visit From @MarianCall

In two days time, we welcome Marian Call.
Her tour this year will hit all fifty states.
In Wyoming her stop is -- and I'm all
Excitement to announce this, O my mates! --
In Cheyenne. Heroes Only is the sole
Emporium of comics that will host
A concert on this tour. D'you find this droll?
A sweet chanteuse a-playing at what most
Would name geek central? Ah, but you've not heard
Her album, Got to Fly, then, I suspect.
Nerd-friendly? She is proud to claim that word
As epithet, or was last time I checked.
So come and join us on this Wednesday night.
You'll see this lady's future's firefly-bright!

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