Sunday, July 25, 2010

In Which I Confront A Happy Problem

My pull list's awesomeness can't be denied.
When I sit down each month to see what's new
Within the Diamond PREVIEW BOOK, I've tried
To find the good stuff only, and I do
For the most part. There's still a challenge, though:
So many comic books and so few hours
In which to read them all! And, as you know
Life throws my way things quite beyond my pow'rs
To decently avoid. I'm thus behind
On reading, oh so many floppies! There,
However, is a compensation: kind
Fate sometimes really is, for when I spare
A day or to to catch up, hey, at least
Cliffhangers pay off instantly. A feast!


  1. I prefer not to have cliffhangers pay off instantly; but I also prefer not to wait a month or even a week! A day, at most...

  2. It's probably nicest to have control -- so if you can't stand to wait, you don't have to, but if you're willing to be teased, to tease yourself really, you can 8)


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