Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sonnet Dare: For @RitaJKing: In Which I Ponder Loveland

"Inchvesting" is a most unusual term,
But 'tis a far from ordinary age,
As Rita tells us, and I must affirm
What she imagines jumps up off the page
And, maybe, soon will change our world and stop
Th'entropy that's making of Detroit
An urban ghost town. Yet there's hope: a crop
Of dreamers dare, with notions most adroit
And open-ended, to seek out a way
(Or many, really) to re-use the space
That industry's abandoned. Who's to say
That they will not succeed? And in their place
Could you do better? Well, here's your big chance:
A dollar buys an inch of land. Advance!

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