Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In Which I Gloat Over A Partial Success And Reflect On The Character Flaw It Revealed

Were I as patient with my fellow man
As I am with a motherboard, some screws,
A graphics card, a processor, a fan
(Or three), it's very possible I'd choose
To be a social worker. As it is,
Deep breathing only and a will to try
Again when tiny screws were dropped -- such biz
As this and only this sufficed. Oh my,
I won't say it was easy; I've not built
A PC since the early nineties. Plus,
'Tis far from over yet. All still could tilt
When I first turn it on and have to fuss
With BIOS settings, for, you see, I will
Be making this a Hackintosh. The thrill!

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