Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Which I Am Intimidated By My RSS Feed

A shift-work weekend, mostly AFK
(So much so that e'en posting sonnets was
A challenge), means that it's no stretch to say
I've missed out on an awful lot of buzz.
I've strayed quite far from checking, for the news,
Mass broadcasts, TV, radio or those
Quite hoary, silly newspapers; I choose
Instead, when curious, to stick my nose
Deep in my RSS feeds where I get
More news that int'rests me, in much more depth.
The only problem comes for all, I'll bet:
When I'm out living life in all its breadth
And not chained to a gadget, it piles high.
I fear just now to check what waits my eye.


  1. Heh heh, since I culled my sources somewhat dealing with RSS is a lot easier — I'm down from 250 items a day to more like 100-150. I do try not to skip days though (except weekends which always bring way fewer posts anyway).

  2. Sigh. I still need to do that. But what to cut, what to cut?

  3. I cut Slate — that one made a huge difference. It was my last mainstream media source in my RSS, really, but now I figure I am getting most of the CNN-based groupthink trickling down to me through Twitter, anyway, so there is no need for Slate. Some stories take a while to reach my ears, though. I didn't hear about this Shirley Sherrod thing until like a week later.

  4. I seem to keep going further upstream, further back to source material. It's not enough to read a popular blog anymore - I want to see where a popular blog is getting its news, etc. Dig, dig, dig. Must be the old journalist in me 8)

  5. You're going in the opposite direction of cutting back then, as the sources are always more voluminous. 87

  6. I am realizing that! Good thing I tend to have lots of time on my hands, most days XD


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