Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Which I Give A Shout Out To My Favorite Blog, @BikeSnobNYC

There's lots of good stuff on the internet,
Green gadget news, muckraking, stories for
'Most every taste and temperament. Forget
All those, though, there is one with LOLZ galore
With which I cannot pass a dull weekday:
O BikeSnob NYC, you harken to
Jacopo Belbo, who would always say
"Take out the cork" to one who did imbue
Too much importance in his speech or thought.
Bike culture's smugness clouds the clearest sky,
But it's just funny when we all have got
This kind of mockery on tap. This guy
Would mock me, too, I'm sure, to see me ride
Deep Blue to work each morning. I'll abide.

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