Friday, July 16, 2010

The Interstellar Feller: In Which A Mistake Is Recognized

Sonneteer's note: this is the latest installment of an on-going sonnet serial, Pepito Mojito: The Interstellar Feller. New readers can get up to speed by clicking on the "Interstellar Feller" tag below to bring up all installments. Start at the bottom and read your way up to today's...

As they proceed, Pepito pulls up short,
Looks back at his Yectara, pulls a face
And sighs. Before Yectara can retort --
He left her with a voice, of course -- in place
Of pride, determination, now appears
A look of rueful shame. He checks her throat
And finds the damage truly done. For years
Her crew has done her bidding on this boat
Because she's made obedience delight.
How now to keep the order? Pepi should
Have taken on her module. None too bright
To just destroy it, though perhaps 'tis good
To give the cacogens free will again.
We'll shortly see if he can govern them...

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