Friday, April 2, 2010

In Which I Say Meh To A Fruity New Gadget

An iPad is not something that I need;
I have a Kindle and an iPod touch.
Between them I've more books than I can read,
And that's not counting paper ones, as such.
Within the App store I've found much that's fun
But don't see where they need a bigger screen
That weighs near two pounds and won't fit in one
Of my ass pockets (really, that's my scene:
The Kindle makes my shoulder bag so light
Compared to five or six big paperbacks,
And now the iPod Touch does too, fits right
And takes up even less space!). But relax
I will not be a hater and reserve
The right to change my mind, indeed to swerve.

1 comment:

  1. S'Okay, you can look over my shoulder at my 3G (when it arrives). You won't be the only one, trust me.


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