Friday, April 16, 2010

In Which Fangirl Moments Occur Quickly At C2E2

Sometimes things work out better than I hope;
Sometimes all that it takes is courage, and
A bit of friendliness. Stunned by the scope
And scale of this convention -- I'd not planned
For being overwhelmed like this -- I wandered, lost and clueless till I found
The Haven Distribution "Island." There
Sat Jim Ottaviani on the ground
(No table yet). I had to stop and stare:
He's written more than I'd imagined!). He
Said "hi" and I said something dumb, I'm sure.
But soon my wand'ring wits returned to me
And ere long we were chatting 'bout our pure
Enjoyment of hard science, which is real
And then I talked to Carla Speed McNeil!!

-- Post From My iPhone

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