Sunday, April 25, 2010

In Which I... Er... Try To Think Of Stuff (Achoo)

It's someone's birthday, I am fairly sure.
But I can't find it eas'ly in the haze
Of Nyquil. Facebook shows me naught. Endure
With me this anguish. If it's you, don't laze
And brush it off. I'm feeling bad enough.
My springtime trip through Hades has begun.
It happens ev'ry year; I've not the stuff
To beat it just by resting, it seems. None
Of my most trusted remedies have stepped
Up to take on this crud -- though I have just
Remembered I have Mucinex. I get
Confused on sick days, as I 'spose one must
Whose clock is out of whack, who is on drugs
Whose life's reduced to battling with these bugs.


  1. I wonder if I posted some chicken soup to you, you'd get it?

    It's warming to see that even if the body is lagging, the mind is still whirrrrring! Get Well Soon! x

  2. From one whose clock is almost always out of whack, nice! Here's a tissue...


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