Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Which I Become A Seeing Eye Dog For A Bit

My Erin brought two black labs to Cheyenne
But neither has the training we required
This afternoon. No fear; we had a plan,
And if I may say so, one quite inspired.
Th'optometrist insisted he'd a need
To dilate Erin's eyes. With pupils wide
And all but sightless, struggling e'en to read
A stop sign, and still wounded in her pride
(She has to get bifocals), to her aid
I came, to guide her all about the town
(We had a chauffer, too, dear Ian), made
All efforts so she would neither fall down
Nor bump into an obstacle. 'TWas fun
But I'm glad now to tell you that we're done!

-- Post From My iPhone

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