Saturday, April 24, 2010

BONUS SONNET: Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Paul @Laroquod

I am no Marvel girl, but well I know
When I've committed heresy, of course!
And since I've done it twice in public, lo
Must I atone in public, too, or force
Dire retribution from my fav'rite fan
Of ages Gold and Silver, Laroquod.
Although I still maintain John Hamm's the man
To play Steve Rogers and the Captain (odd
That I thought of this not myself! For shame!)
He is not blond, it's true, but tell me this:
At day's end, at the heart, will you, Paul, blame
My loving more a dark-haired man? Don't dis
Me overmuch, I pray, for going mad.
I'm sure Chris Evans won't be all that bad.


  1. Nicely done!

    As far as I can see, there isn't a single male action role that people don't nominate Jon Hamm for, because he's kind of the 'it' guy right now. Unfortunately decisions made on sex appeal are rarely the truly right ones for casting. I don't really care who plays the Cap but casting Hamm as the Cap would be so wrong. I don't blame lovestruck women for wanting it to be so, but I do blame Hollywood producers for cynically catering to it to the exclusion of common sense. Common sense says there are tons of talented and goodlooking blonds out there — there is no reason to make the stretch for Jon Hamm simply because he's good/popular/etc.

  2. Oh, OK ::stares down and twirls toe in dirt:: But still, even I know we now have a huge and silly problem with one of the Fantastic Four so very closely resembling the Captain. Unless this is supposed to be some kind of a commentary on the limitations of comic book/line art in creating totally unique faces and physiques?

    Yeah, right.

  3. Oh, they are getting so hopelessly confused as to Canon — apparently they are casting movies out of the Avengers canon left & right; even quite recent ones. After I read enough about what-all they're doing I kinda stopped thinking keeping track was a good idea, anyway. Don't put the Fantastic Four in the Avengers movie anyway — they're two separate superteams.

    Plan B. Steve Rogers was originally the result of eugenics experiments; don't know if they'll use that origin, but they could always come up with a bit of silliness linking Johnny to the same experiments. Not like they're above it! XD

  4. All right, Paul, you're taking me to this film when it comes out. I'ma need my own personal decoder guy to sift through sixty odd years of Captain Americana and you're clearly my guy. ^_^


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