Saturday, April 10, 2010

In Which The Sonneteer Wishes Duties Were Better Done

Well, look at that, and I forgot a bag,
You say, and give your dog reproachful looks,
Like it's his fault. I know that it's a drag
To pick up his produce, and you're not crooks
Or vandals, are you? No! Next time you'll do
A better job preparing. So you tell
Yourself and both walk on. Meanwhile all through
The Greenway evidence is there pell-mell
And rolling 'crossed the concrete in the breeze.
Six month's accumulation, maybe more
Along with fresher stuff that smears. Oh, please,
It only takes a moment, this small chore,
And while it's gross, so what; it's quickly done
And then it won't lie rotting in the sun.

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