Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Which I Gain Another Sobriquet

I must confess, it often makes me blush,
As vividly as does my best guy when
I tweet him compliments or silly mush,
That Ommus calls me "Sonnet Queen." These men
Are merciless betimes; now comes today
When Ommus, blaming iPhone for the flub,
Bestowed on me a brand new sobriquet,
And so the pair of them now fondly dub
Me "Sinnet Queen", which, near as I can tell,
Has aught to do with ropes and weaving, which
Suggests that I'm to be tied up real well?
Or am I being saucy here? No glitch
Do I see in my reasoning, so, Paul,
And Ommus, I accept this name you call.

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