Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Which I Try To Regain A Sense Of Wonder

Go fast enough, and anyone can fly;
Just burn some dinosaurs and point the way.
Save tens of hours! Travel through the sky.
How can we all just sit here, so blasé?
A continent blurs past us just below
Our metal tube. And all of us just stare
Into the middle distance. Way to go!
We cannot find it in us much to care,
Our jeejahs stowed away, so we can't talk
To friends we've left behind or soon shall meet,
And strapped in, and encouraged not to walk.
We're flying cattle, but I still must call
It quite amazing that we fly at all!

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. And yet, today, in the UK, we can't fly!

    Nature, and specifically plate tectonics, has proven a bigger and more unstoppable force than any amazing flying technology we have been able to create. And I rather like that!

    Enjoyed this sonnet Kate - but then I always do :o)

  2. I think you regained it! Enjoyed it. 8)


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