Sunday, April 11, 2010

In Which A Tradition Is Well Continued, Or, I Like The New Doctor So Far

Ten Doctors now have come and, sadly, gone,
And the Eleventh now must fill the box.
So far I'm charmed. We''ll see as we go on.
But I must say the new companion rocks!
Matt Smith is quite the geek, impatient, stern,
A gawky, quirky bird in a bow tie;
And Karen Gillan (for whom many yearn,
As befits one who's easy on the eye),
Playing Amy Pond, is not just smart
But quite decisive, too, when once she's sussed
What's going on, to act. I'll say my heart
Is theirs to take -- and this from one who's fussed
A lot on where this show's been going. Yay!
Let Moffat take this show where'er he may.

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