Saturday, April 3, 2010

In Which I Do Not Say Meh To Gadgeting Up Some Fruit

It's almost done, my latest, luscious batch
Of freezer jam, which just last night I made.
Just strawberries and sugar; there's no catch,
Except to add some pectin. I won't trade
My product for a store-bought version, no!
I know just what is in it, and enjoy
The process and the way it makes eyes glow
(My dad's as those of at least one more boy,
Though really quite a few like it, so I've
Some trading partners, game meat for some jars
Of this good stuff). The happiness I strive
E'er to attain is made of this. My stars!
And it's so simply done I sometimes feel
That I am cheating, but the work is real.


  1. GAH! I love freezer jam. Especially with strawberries.

  2. Heh. Me too, obviously. But wait until the season's further along and I'm making blueberry-ginger jam, and rhubarb-carrot-orange marmalade! Nom!

  3. So much better than that i-thing(?)


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