Sunday, April 4, 2010

In Which I Am Fascinated And Repulsed By A Television Show

A simple concept, it would seem, our health,
But it gets weird, elusive when a trade
Develops. It gets ugly when there's stealth,
And dealings 'neath the roses, then, are made.
And it's not organ thieves, apocryphal
Or not, that trouble me just now, for I
Am watching Breaking Bad, in which a cull
Is made from Albuquerque, on the sly.
A teacher who cooks meth is funny, sure
In that high concept TV way, but then
Because a hero's motives must be pure
He's made a cancer patient so that when
He deals in poisons, sickening the mass
He's noble. Stealing health, though, has no class.


  1. You really think his motives come across as pure? Keep watching. They're not pure at all.

    P.S. Love the sonnet. 8)

  2. Well, my favorite floating Da Vinci eyeball, so far his decisions are framed by not wanting to leave his family in debt, which our prevailing cultural norms regard as noble. Slightly less so is his personal pride -- he has rejected a wealthy friend's offer to pay for his cancer treatments -- which is a sin in Judeo-Christian ethics, pride is, but seems to be enshrined as a conservative family value when it refers to the myth of rugged independence we so cherish. But I see some creeping thrill-seeking and cutthroat edginess on the horizon as I look forward to Season 2 ^_^

  3. There is no way you will be see him as any sort of attempted positive role-model by the end of S2.

  4. Oh, it's not that I see him as a positive role model. I just find the device of his dying of terminal cancer and trying to provide for his family a curious one, when what he is effectively doing is stealing health from the rest of his community. He's making a product that is demonstrably bad for people, that has highly detrimental effects on their long-term health, to fund the possibility of his living a little longer and maybe his wife being able to maintain a middle-class lifestyle with his kids after he's dead.

    I.E. it's already highly morally questionable, which is where the "repulsed" part comes in. ^_^


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