Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A P.E. Flunkee's Visit To A Gymnastics School

A skill I never had's in practice here.
These earnest children tumble, twirl and turn --
The elders even fly! This is no mere
Diversion. I see Bethany and learn.
I love the pride on Bonnie's daughter's face,
A run of cartwheels now beneath her belt,
Well executed, at an even pace.
Accomplishment's a thing I never felt
Upon the mats in element'ry school.
For me, this sport brought on a sense of shame;
In mind quite sound, in body such a fool
I felt an utter failure at this game --
And never even saw that it is one.
Say nothing of the thought it might be fun.

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  1. Thank you for this Kate. Bethany was beside herself to be in one of your sonnets. She thought is was so cool that you came to watch her at gymnastics too! You are a wonderful friend!
    Hey I finally made an account on here!


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