Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do Robot Cars Dream Of Electric Sharks

Sonneteer's note: this is a more detailed account of a dream I had two days ago. I wanted to record it while it was still somewhat fresh, and also to answer those who had questions about it.

A makeshift small arena, somewhere far
From anyplace I know, they circled 'round
Each other. Mayhap more robot than car,
I knew they each had shark's minds. With no sound
They tested out each other for a time.
A feint, a probe, a whiff of engine grease,
Then whirring came a power saw blade, primed
To gut the other; soon, just to increase
The menace, from the other shark-car came
An apparatus, swift and deadly which
My vision yet preserves but I can't name.
As they tore at each other, for a switch,
The impresario turned loose dogs, who
Came to no harm midst all this battle. Phew!

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