Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Which I Test Out A New Online Rhyming Dictionary

For John Ladd there's not much I wouldn't do
(Online at least), so when he asked me, Kate,
What's your take, we were won'dring, on the new
Web dictionary? How does Rhymebrain rate
Against what you are using now, since as
A formal poet you must do so lots?
I've played with it a few days now; it has
Potential to be useful, though it clots
One's screen with nonsense when asked for a rhyme
(Non-dictionary words you may weed out
Though it will list them with the rest, first time),
So much so that I'm quite inclined to doubt
It shall replace Rhymezone, though I shall try
It for a few more days to clarify.

Sonneteer's note: I shall write on this topic at great length, and in prose, soon for Paradise Tossed, the online journal of poetry and technology. I'll Tweet an alert when it is live and put a link to the article in the "Articles and Appearances" section of this web page. And yeah, this sonnet will probably be the springboard for the article, so you just got a sneak peek.

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  1. give a look at, it's the dictionary i chose for my own use.


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