Friday, February 12, 2010

At Work With A Sinus Infection Makes A Sonneteer Very, Very Cranky

Cheese graters scraping raw nerve endings; that's
What hearing human voices feels like now,
Or having been thrown in a sack of cats
All on the fight; I cringe at each meow.
The purest air still singes at my nose
As though it were an acrid, poison gas.
My ears implode, and just touching these rows
Of keys to type this in's like nails on glass
Or slate. Infected sinuses - a curse.
My temper flares; it's well that I'm unarmed.
A murder rap would only make things worse.
When Mom reads this I know she'll be alarmed,
But she knows it's just something that I do.
I'm worse, please be assured, when it's the flu.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you need some Super Neti Juice. This stuff cleared my sinus infection in 2 days. I used to just flush with my neti pot and that was cool. Now, when I feel a cold or sinus infection coming on, I use this stuff called Super Neti Juice. It's like a disinfectant stuff. It kills bacteria and fungus and WOW does this stuff stop a sinus infection.
    I honestly don't know why people don't use other disinfectants. It seems to me that killing the bacteria and fungus is what it's all about in sinuses. I got it at a place called Nature's Rite, but it's probably in other on-line stores as well. ***** 5 stars. It's good.


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