Saturday, February 13, 2010

In Which I Finally Actually Watch Fringe And Find Much To Like

Weird sci-fi stuff, I'll always give a chance,
So Fringe has long been on my growing list
Of shows that may deserve more than a glance.
I've all but the first season's ending twist
(Which I think I see coming) 'neath my belt,
And have to say that, while the jokes are stale,
The casting makes my cynic's heart just melt
A bit. John Noble's perfect, and the pale
And pensive Anna Torv stands up quite well
To all his antics. But really, the lab
Is why I keep on watching. It's just swell!
Rube-Goldberg analog tech is a fab
Kate-baiting tactic, e'en without a cow.
I'm queueing up the first finale now!

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