Friday, February 19, 2010

In Which I Prepare For #BrainHackWithDrums

I've had me one fine soporific day
That could lead to a listless, hopeless night.
To free myself from ennui's bitter sway
A weapon I'll turn loose for this, my fight.
The Jedi, IsoBan, says music is
A way to hack your brain, and this is true.
The cobwebs being thick, I'm choosing this:
A lot of great drum music, shared with you
On So tune in if you please,
For Buddy Rich, Jon Bonham, Cozy Powell,
Some gamelan and Ondekoza. Jeez!
So much to choose from I am like to howl!
So pound those skins, boys, shake me from my trance
And look the other way; I might just dance.

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