Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Flash: The Interstellar Feller: In Which We Learn Just What They're Up Against

Sonneteer's note: this is the latest installment of an on-going sonnet serial, Pepito Mojito: The Interstellar Feller. New readers can get up to speed by clicking on the "Interstellar Feller" tag below to bring up all installments. Start at the bottom and read your way up to today's...

This time the landing party's to be led
By none but our Yectara. Down they fly
To where they lost her swain, from where once fled,
His captors, with Pepito. Soon they spy
Faint traces of this passage. As they walk,
The science officer shares with her views
On just what kind of species they do stalk.
Yectara bites her lip to hear the news.
"Their warlike traits are nothing but a show,"
Says Doctor Vuhl. "The way that they survive
Is a display they make when harmed. They glow
And hum when death is near, and thus contrive
To hypnotize their predators and call
For help ." Yectara likes this not at all.

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