Friday, March 13, 2009

In Which I Contemplate The Naughtiness Of The Science Of Astronomy, Or At Least (Certain) Astronomers Who Engage In #DirtyScience

When properly construed ev'rything's lewd
So did Tom Lehrer teach, and he is right.
But I am not the type to just conclude
On faith that something's so, and so one night,
With sev'ral chosen friends (well, volunteers)
With all due spirit of free inquiry
And scientific method, and yes, beers,
And a commitment 'gainst casuistry,
We tried to prove the study of the skies
And stars and planets, galaxies and suns
Could be as dirty as we want. Archives
Alas, are incomplete, and so reruns
For future ref'rence may have to take place,
And for posterity, more #dirtyspace.

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