Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's My Sonnet About Again?

Piezoelectricity's my theme...
No wait, it's pilots, right, today's their day?
I know it isn't picene; I'd not dream
Of sonnetizing on some tar, okay?
Pirates are always good for some hum-arrr,
As are pinecones, what look like hand grenades,
And clear out drunks when flung into a bar.
A pie plate? No! Bad notions come in spades.
An idea must come soon on down the pike
Or I will pile up bad ones, call it good.
I'm not afraid, for this is nothing like
The demon writer's block, although I would
Appreciate a pica's worth -- I say!
I've got it! Have a happy, great π day!


  1. Happy pi-day to you as well on 14 March 2010.

  2. And also to you! Let the circle be unbroken.


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