Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Turn No Longer Taken

At Hilltop Avenue, I do not turn;
I stay on Dell Range for one more half-mile
To reach the place where now my home-fires burn.
I pass that old left turn with quite a smile!
I smile still more when soon I see ahead
The famous doggie on his famous roof
(A navigation aid I choose instead
Of street names). A contented dog is proof,
I think, of a contented home. One block
Past him I turn; Hilltop now far behind,
And I approach a proper house. The shock
Of knowing that it's mine's still new. I find
It not too hard to bear. It's got that spark
Of joy; gone is the Vertc'al Trailer Park.


  1. Nice one..the despair with which we make choices can only be justified when we finally have a home to go.

  2. Traveling the path to happiness, how wonderful that can be, when finally discovering that you too can be free -- in your own private life.

    Thus is the way of "fork in the roads". Here's hoping you enjoy your new home, for many years to come!

  3. An enjoyable, upbeat post. A home is so important.

  4. A nice change! Home is a beautiful place.


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