Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Which George Hrab Leaves Me Almost Speechlessly Chuffed

I had today a pleasure strange and rare:
George Hrab read one of my bits on his show,
Which read he did with brio and with and flair,
And said something which set my face aglow.
His kind of chick, he called me, and likewise
He definitely is my kind of dude.
I feel like I have won some shiny prize!
But pardon me, I know it's rather rude
To crow like this, but please allow this gloat.
A sonneteer earns nothing but the odd
Wee scrap of praise to make her ego float
And float it did, like bubbles in pernod
Or really, in an Alka Selzer Plus
(Yes, I'm still sick, but too pleased now to fuss).

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